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indications are that the last quarter of this year will show a far greater mortality from this cause than has ever occurred in the same period of lamisil gel time. The Compensation of President Garfield's Surgeons. — The claims allowed by the Garfield Board of Audit have lamisil 250 mg just been made public. The physicians get $27,500. Of this amount lamisil tablet Dr. lamisil at spray D. W. Bliss gets $6,500; Dr. D. Hayes Agnew, $5,000; Dr. Frank H. Hamilton, $5,000; Dr. price of lamisil Robert ReybXirn, $4,000; Dr. Silas H. Boynton. $4,000, and Dr. Susan A. Edson. lamisil terbinafine $3,000. The amount awarded for services and supplies was $5,929.93. The items range from $13 for express hire to $1,500 for lamisil cream the Central Railroad of New Jersey. Under lamisil at gel head of extra services by government employes the items range from $15 to $200, with a total of $5,440. The cost of lamisil grartd total is $3^,869.93. The total appropriation to pay claims against the Garfield estate was $57,500, of which amount $35,500 was specially appropriated for physicians and medical attendance. It will be seen that the allowances for the physicians and medical at- tendance are $8,000 less than the amount appropriated, and that the allowances for outside claims are about $1 1,000 less than the amount available, making a total balance of nearly $19,000 out of the entire appropria- tion of $57,500. A Foreign Honor to Dr. Parvin. — The Edinburgh Obstetrical Society has elected Dr. Theophilus Par- vin an honorary member. Ligature of the External Iliac Artery for Femoral Aneurism in a Child. — The English jour- nals announce the occurrence, at the East London Hospital for Children, of a case of femoral aneurism in a boy twelve and a half years old, in whom the ex- ternal iliac was tied on November 10; the lamisil lotion case has as yet progressed favorably; the subsequent history is promised. The " Faith Cure** Establishment of Buffalo has been broken up by reason of lack of funds. The inference is unavoidable that the power of faith may be equal to such a trivial work as the cure of disease, but is not equal to the more arduous task of raising a sufficient supply of money to keep the institution in operation. A Directory for Nurses in Toronto has been established under the auspices of the Toronto Medical Society. Prof. Virchow's Health. — Our latest German ex- changes announce a steady improvement in Prof. Vir- chow*s health. He has been suffering for some time from an attack of acute nephritis, complicated by rheu- matic neuralgia^ and commencing with slight hemor- rhage. He is now free from fever, and the amount of albumen in his urine is steadily declining. Jefferson Medical College. — The trustees of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, have elected Dr. J. SoLis Cohen Honorary Professor of Laryng- ology. Sir Thomas Watson. — The latest English journals report that Sir Thomas Watson has been gradually p-owing weaker, and his sufferings have been increas- lamisil online ing. A Malpractice Trial in Michigan. — In the suit ■of Wood vs. Barker, Mr. Justice Campbell, the other justices concurring, of the Supreme Court, has just filed the following decision. Plaintiff, who is a surgeon, sued defendant on his promise to pay for professional services rendered to one Murray, who had been injured by a blast, so that both legs were badly crushed below the knee. Plain- tiff was called in as counsel to aid the attending sur- geon Dr. Harding, shortly after the accident at Sault Ste. Marie. The left leg was amputated, and they were both of opinion that amputation of the other was expedient, by reason of the extensive comminuted fracture of the bones and laceration involving injury to an artery, to prevent extreme danger lamisil spray of death. The opposition of lamisil oral Murray to this prevented the amputation and the limb was ultimately lamisil at cream saved but not entirely re- stored to its original condition. Some time after the plaintiff had ceased his visits and while the case was in the hands of Dr. Harding, aidjed by a nurse, Dr. Jessop, of Mackinaw, came over and was employed to treat the patient in connection with Dr. Harding. The only medical testimony in the case was given by plaintiff and Dr. Harding. Dr. Jessop was not sworn. The employment by defendant seems to have been shown, and the questions on which the controversy appears to have turned were the value of the services and the lamisil 250 propriety of the treatment. It is to be observed that there is no conflict of testi- mony whatever in regard to the fact of the work and attendance of plaintiff, and no testimony which did not leave a considerable sum due him if those services were properly rendered. The court in charging the jury told them what is lamisil in substance that they were at liberty, lamisil one if*^ not sat- isfied with the testimony of the experts, to use their lamisil purchase own judgment on the question of value. They were also instructed that if plaintifr*s course was unskilful, they might reduce the fees accordingly, as in their judgment should be deemed proper. They gave plaintiff nothing. There can be no presumption of law concerning the value of a surgeon*s services and there is no presump- tion that a jury can lamisil at ascertain it without testimony of some kind, from persons knowing something about Such value. As already suggested there was positive testimony of value not discredited, and, in the case of Dr. Harding, given by a disinterested witness called for important purposes by the defendant himself. Wc can see no sufficient reason for the suggestion that all of this testimony might be disregarded, and there is no rule which would allow the jury to entirely ignore the testimony, and at the same time to form an indepen- dent conclusion without testimony upon a matter which required a proof beyond their conjecture or their opin- ion. We do not say that the value of a physician*s ser- vices at a given time and place may not be known to other persons than physicians, if they have been in a position to learn the customary or proper rates. But there is no legal presumption and no reasonable prob-

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